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null or empty columns appear in UMP

Question asked by stevepurdie on Dec 15, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2010 by stevepurdie

Hi Guys,



we have recently installed on our test Domain an installation of the v1.5 UMP portal.


We have noticed that when using the portal, there are certain columns (Alarm console) which appear as [NULL]. It appears to be looking for certain column names, but cannot find them so populates the alarm with a [NULL feature].


I will upload a screenshot in a moment.


You can see from the first one (Error-null) that there is no info for those column items in the portal.


The second attachment (Alarm empty) shows an alarm which has no Column names, just alarm data; so I don't know how to handle the alarm without guess what each field is doing.....


Another question: Does the install of this impact any QoS data in any way on the DB ?




Steve B Purdie