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Simple logmon question – maybe

Question asked by stig.johnsen on Oct 7, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2010 by stig.johnsen

I have a text file with some numbers I hoped to get in the QOS database for graphing. This file updates every 5 minutes with new content. A typical content could be : 3306.95 364.86.

This is also all there is inside the file. I thought I could use logmon to harvest the numbers into the db as a qos variable, but I am not getting on.

What I did was making a new profile in the logmon probe, called “logfile”. I then set the Mode under General to “cat”, browsed to the file name, ticked off the “Generate alarm” choice, and let the “Generate Quality of Service” remained ticked. Under Watcher Rules, I made a new watcher called “numbers”, ticked this on, and under Variables made a new one called “numberone”. Ticked off Character position and choose “1”, ticked off “To char. Pos” and set “7”.

After restarting the probe, I right-clicked on my new profile and choose “Test Profile”, getting the test windows up. When I hit the Test button I got “No results”.

I have tried a lot of different things other than this also, but always getting “No results”.

Can someone more experienced maybe help me a little bit so I can set up this correctly?