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Feature-request: support for external email-to-mobile services in SMSGTW

Question asked by a.pietersen on Sep 29, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2010 by a.pietersen

Beside email notifications we also use sms notifications. (including acknowledgements) Therefore we use an external  third-party service. We send emails to that third party and they deliver it to the mobile-number we specified. We build our own notification and escaltion module for this. Now in Nimsoft we like to use this third party service also but the emailgtw and smsgtw does not support this.


- in the emailgtw we get errors like: Sep 29 17:05:25:608 emailgtw: (get_nimuser_addr) user not a NimBUS user or does not have an email address set  ---- Sep 29 16:46:44:986 emailgtw: (send_it) smtp_send failed - 554 One or more recipients failed

- in the smsgtw we can not configure an email-adres.


The only solution that is left is to create a special script that would do the trick. So maybe also an idea for a feature request. Or is there an other option I miss?