Warning to Firefox Users!

Discussion created by dustin.lawler on Jun 29, 2010



Firefox recently (last week) came out with a new feature for Firefox 3.6.6 that will terminate unresponsive processes/plugins as opposed to completely crashing Firefox – it’s good in theory, however, the default timeout value was originally 15 seconds! This means that if a user is trying to load a large dashboard and it takes longer than 15 seconds, Firefox will terminate the Flash process and it’ll fail to load.


To work around this, open up Firefox, type “about:config” into the URL field and proceed, next find the key dom.ipc.plugins.timeoutSecs and adjust it accordingly or to disable it altogether change the value to “-1”.


Firefox had a number of complaints over the weekend and just issued a path to increase the timeout to 45 seconds, however, this likely will not be enough for larger Flash files like the Dashboard Designer.


Good luck!