Sending qos as another robot and probe

Discussion created by david.ruiz on May 8, 2010
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I have created a LUA script, running on my NAS, that probes some OS information on a remote machine, which happens to have a robot.


In a single run, I get the information for all my servers, which is more efficient than running a script on each machine and all data is generated at the same time for comparative reporting.


I need to send the QoS I´m gathering as if it were sending it from that robot and not from the primary hub that contains the NAS module. I would also like to send it impersonating a different probe than NAS.


nim.qos does not seem to provide the options to change the robot or the probe.


The reason for this is to be able to include this QoS in the dynamic server dashboard and report.


Any insights on the best way of doing this.


I have thought of doing an insert on the RN_QOS_DATA table directly, but,, how do I create the checksum entry in S_QOS_DATA?


Thanks in advance,