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Unattended install (again...)

Question asked by agentil on Mar 9, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2010 by agentil
Hi ,

I am trying to install the robot package on 400+ systems. I have windows 2003,
windows 2008, with or without cluster, directly connected on the hub’s lan or
behind a router,...

The issue I have is that the manual installer does not always display the same
screens so the .iss procedure is useless. (Sometime I get a dialog to choose
the hub ip and sometime the installer is able to find its hub automatically)

It seems there is no “supported” way to do this. The only solutionfound in the “self service” uses a .iss file. There is nothing detailed in the forum. Am I right ?
So what is the best approach? Create a zip, run a script to generate the controller.cfg file and then run nimbux –install ? The issue is that it will not be registered in the “add/remove programs” of the control panel. (Something that will really please the IT staff here…).
It would be so great to have a nimldr style application for windows.


PS: Yes know the KB article "Are there any facilities for distribution and silent install of robots?", "How to do an unattended robot install (silent install)" or the thread "Install Robot.vbs  script for Slient Window Installs" But we really need a Nimsoft supported procedure for unattended install.