Problem with QOS reporting

Discussion created by systeembeheer on Dec 30, 2009
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Since last week the QOS reporting stopped showing data.

We have several QOS reporting pages made with the Service Level Manager. From one point it just stops showing data in all my reports. It does show all the data from before that point.

If I check the data_engine.log it says the following over and over again:
qos_check - Initialize failed, restart again
Dec 29 11:40:06:404  de: CreateFastLoad - ERROR: Code=0x80040e37 Source=Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server Description=Invalid object name 'RN_QOS_DATA_0105'.
Dec 29 11:40:06:404  de: CreateFastLoad - create failed for IID_IRowsetFastLoad
Dec 29 11:40:06:404  de: AddBulkInsertObject - CreateFastLoad failed
Dec 29 11:40:06:404  de: Initialize - AddBulkInsert failed ...

If I check the SQL database the table RN_QOS_DATA_0105 does not exist. All the tables before that (..,0103,0104) do exist.

If i test the connection on the data_engine probe it completes successfully. Everything else seems to work just fine.

We did no configuration changes on the Nimbus environment. Also, the SQL (MS 2005) server has been left alone since installation.

I'm stuck here. I do not have enough SQL knowledge to know whats going on here. I see no errors or warnings in the SQL log that help me in finding a solution.