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Discussion created by dakoserv-opa on Dec 16, 2009
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is there any whitepaper or other documentation about the communication relations between the NimBUS GUIs, Dashboards and the Hubs, Robots a.s.o.

We try to use Dashboards and GUIs from some desktops behind a firewall and realized a very slow reaction. The start of a dashboard takes approx. 5 minutes. The infrastructure is secure that means we have up to 10 separated networks all connected via ssl tunnel at the central hub.

We don't understand which component (e.g. on Dashboards NimRequest, db_query, QoS) "speaks" with which probe (eg. hub, cdm, nas) on which robot (hub, normal robot, dedicated dashboard-server).

Have anyone in this community the same experience?

Thanks in advance