Plans to expand url_response options...?

Discussion created by jim.taylor on Oct 20, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2009 by nrtimm
I didn't want to raise this as a feature request as I appreciate it's probably fairly specific to us..

We're wanting to ramp up the monitoring of a lot of internal sites, most of which sit behind a bespoke Single Sign-on system. When you browse to the page, you're prompted with a username / password dialog - once you login you're taken to the page. Fairly standard stuff.

Problem is that the url_response probe can't cope with the page - its authentication support is just too basic and seems to get confused. I've resorted to using the E2E system which works obviously but it's a bit excessive when all we want to do is check for the availability of a page.

I suppose I want to know if Nimsoft have any plans to expand functionality of the url_response probe, especially around authentication or if they're keeping it as is. I'd understand their reasoning either way!