Dashboard Design - Text and Alarm Objects

Discussion created by kricks on Oct 2, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2009 by nrtimm
I currently have a ticket open for this but I figured I should see if anyone in the forums has run into a good way to solve the following.

One of the functions I would like in an Enterprise Console Dashboard is to get an accurate count of all unassigned and all assigned alarms.

To do this, I am using a Text Object.  Currently I have a Variable ($V) which is using a NimBUS Request as the Data Source. Under Properties I am pulling a get_info from the nas probe. The result token is set for alarm_count. I am assuming from here I should be using an argument to specify all assigned or all unassigned.

The two arguments I need are:

1) All alarms with no value in the assigned_to field.

2) All alarms with any value (a wildcard) in the assigned_to field.

Furthermore, this Test Object is to be used in conjunction with an Alarm.  I notice using the above process to get an alarm_count will show only Visible Alarms, while the Alarm Object itself shows both Visible and Invisible alarms when you propagate the Alarm State.  Is it possible to set visibility in Text or Alarm Objects? 

Done anyone know a solution for either of these troubles?