report_engine - missing dynamic daily reports

Discussion created by darren.brewerton on Oct 9, 2009
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Has anyone come across a problem where the report engine doesn't generate the odd daily report?

(The dynanamic reports produced by the report enginge 'Qos Report' tab.)

The monthly, quarterly & weekly reports are all fine but the daily html & png files aren't being generated every single day. It seems to randomly skip a day or two each week.

The reports are generated in this location.
C:\Program Files\NimBUS\probes\slm\report_engine\Reports\Dynamic\Server\%HOSTNAME%

The QOS data is available in the SLM database and we can generate a custom report no problem. Just the dynamic jobs are problematic.

We've tried using a slave report engine, changing the report generation schedules with no postitive outcome.

We are using report_engine version 7.55

Attached is screen shot of the 'daily' html files in sequence showing missing days...

We could upgarde to the latest version of the report engine probe but it wold be nice to find out what's causing the fault...

thanks in advance.