Creating tar/RPM of robot including probes

Discussion created by keith_k on Jul 25, 2009
I am attempting to build a tar file for Linux that contains the NimBUS robot and a few main probes.  (Much of the same things I am doing would also be necessary to make an RPM, but for now I am sticking with a simple tar file.)  I am using the following forum thread as my starting point:

The instructions in that thread are very helpful and have gotten me well on my way.  (Thanks, David!)  The robot starts up correctly and adds the probes to the controller.cfg file.  However, only the hdb and spooler entries get a new magic_key generated.  In my testing, the cdm and processes probes are added to controller.cfg but do not get a magic_key.  Instead, I get this alarm:

Probe 'cdm' FAILED to start, the probe was not installed properly

I can validate the probes via the NimBUS Manager, and all is well.  Of course, I could do the same by just leaving the probes in the controller.cfg file anyway.

Is there something I can do to get the controller to setup the cdm and processes probes properly when it first starts up?  Any ideas that I might not have tried yet?