Fully Qualified domain name for QoS data

Discussion created by Willem.Eyckmans on Apr 1, 2009
Hi there,

I have the following issue on a freshly installed Nimbus environment: for 22 of the 25 hosts that I am monitoring, the hostname and target for the QoS data in the database uses the fully qualified DNS name of the hosts with the robots. For the three remaining ones, just the hostnames are used.

For these three, I get Dynamic Reports and Dynamic Dashboards in the Nimbus server, for the other not (although the reports are there, there is just no link in Nimbus server).

configuration of the robot controller is exactly the same on all systems. I checked the 'use robot name for QoS data definitions on some systems, but no difference.

Somebody ran into the same problem?

Kind regards,

Wim Eyckmans