Best Practice in NetApp Filer Monitoring

Discussion created by admin.nimsoft on Nov 18, 2008
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Hi everyone,

we have a NetApp fas3040 cluster with ONTAP 7.2 which i want to monitor via SNMP.

Currently i am stuck at monitoring our qtrees / quotas, so i'm searching for some best practice on how to accomplish this.

In detail, i want to monitor the space left within a qtree with a quota set. With the NetApp MIB i just can monitor the KBUsed and the KBLimit values of a quota, but not the percentage on how much space is left. Is it recommended, that i write a lua-script, which will run on a specific time intervall and pulls the values for each quota, calculates the percentage and eventually generates an alarm? Will there be any issues on performance or something, as we have about 60 qtrees with quotas set (not included each employee's home folder)? Is there possibly another way to achieve this?

As there seem to be several customers using NimBUS for monitoring their Network Appliances, do you have any other hints/Guides/Best Practices on this topic?

If it is for any help, i attached the NetApp MIB for you.

Thanks in advance,

Edit: As the .mib Attachment doesn't seem to work, the MIB may be also viewed online here: