Missed Thresholds

Discussion created by DaveRick on Oct 9, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2008 by DaveRick

We are currently seeing a problem where at times either the Auto Operator profile does not fire when an alert comes in or the probe misses the alarm all together.  For example, we have one of our AIX machines setup to check Disk every 5 minutes with a sample rate of 1.  We can do manual testing where we set the thresholds high enough that it triggers the profile and the alert works great.  However during the night if the issue comes up, as it did last night, NimBUS doesn't even see the threshold change and an alert is never generated.

Has anyone else seen something similar to this or are we simply setting something up wrong?  We plan to follow up with support but figured this would be a good place to see if other customers have had this issue come up before.