Dynamic dashboards.

Discussion created by agentil on Mar 26, 2008

I need to create dynamic dashboards for all my SAP systems with some SAP specific QOS graphs.
I already configured the group_server probe and I have now all my systems under a "/SAP/SAPgroup" node in the tree in the "dynamic views" of the enterprise console. I created a SAPSYSTEMTYPE type.

I created a new dashboard and named it __dynamic_views_SAP_SAPgroup.
I added a trend meters and I assigned the ID "__dyn_views:QOS_SAP_RESPONSETIME::u" using the shift+I shortcut.
I added alarm "alarm components" and assigned the ID "__dyn_views:"

If I click on a system in my SAPgroup group, the correct dashboard is started, the QOS graph is correct but the alarm panel has no filter based on the hostname. This result is expected as the documentation says that for the alarm component the feature that does the filtering is only available for server type of template dashboad.
So is there a way to have dynamic dashboards with alarm filters for custom types. What is the use of  new dynamic types if you can't use them in dynamic dashboards?