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Displaying a calculation based on QoS on a dashboard..

Question asked by jim.taylor on Jan 12, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2008 by jim.taylor
Hi folks..

I wonder if anyone has any advice on how to do a calculation on QoS data and present that in a dashboard? We're using the email roundtrip probe and would like to be able to take the last 24 hours worth of samples and work out the average from that and just put that value onto a dashboard with various other elements in it.

Obviously the SLA section (and indeed the sla_engine) of NimBUS seems able to do this given a chunk of data but I can't see any way of just asking NimBUS to just take a blob of QoS data and do some simple sums on it, and my search through the support site(s) have yielded no useful results.

Help anyone?

Thanks in advance!