Modify robot's outside of the firewall

Discussion created by DaveRick on Nov 22, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2007 by keith_k
We recently added 3 robots to our production environment which reside outside of our firewall.  What we noticed is that even though the port rules are in place, we can not work with those robots.  After some investigation we noticed our PC/Laptop IP addresses were being blocked by the firewall.  We then realized that the communications were going directly to the targeted robot from our laptops, instead of from the hub.  Initial thoughts were that communications went from the hub out to the robot when adding probes, changing settings, etc. 

Our security department works on a source/destination policy where they must have the rules setup to go from one server to another.  They don't like to implement a blanket rule that just allows anything internal to touch a set of nonstandard ports externally.  Has anyone found a way to effectively work with this situation, without having to log into the HUB to make all robot changes to a server behind a firewall?