Anyone archiving QoS data long term?

Discussion created by keith_k on Sep 29, 2007
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We are considering changing our QoS data retention time from six months to four months.  However, we occasionally get requests from clients to retain data for up to two years, which would really grow our NimBUS database.  My understanding is that this request is usually prompted by a misinterpretation of what is required by law for auditing.  As a way of making our sales cycle simpler, we talked about how we could just retain the data somewhere for two years.

There is no native support in NimBUS for archiving data that is to be deleted (other than the compressing of the data into the historic tables, which we do not do).  Options that we have discussed include the following:
  1. Running a job that backs up older data before it gets deleted.  It seems like this would be a rather intensive task to find the small amount of data that is about to be deleted, and it could definitely affect the performance of our database.
  2. Archiving the data to a secondary database to keep our production database lean and performing well.  I am not sure how such a long-term database would perform and whether or not copying data to it would affect the performance of the production database.
  3. Taking a full database backup every four months and saving it somewhere for two years.  So far, this seems like the simplest option.
Is anyone out there doing anything like this?  Or does anyone have suggestions for solutions or ways of improving those listed above?

Keith Kruepke