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Probe robustness - have probe changes ever caused problems?

Question asked by stuart.fawcett on May 12, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2007 by wp.moore

We have successfully been running probes on servers for nearly 2 years now, never in all that time has reconfiguring a probe affected any other process or OS feature.
Typically we only update probes during maintenance windows, but I’m tempted to start basic updates (to probes such as CDM, ntevl, process etc.) during normal customer operation time - has anyone ever had problems with probe updates affecting other processes or OS features?

I'm ignoring the case where changing the sample period to a tiny value and adding MANY more profiles would significantly load the customer server. I'm also ignoring the case where changing the probe poll interval may affect nimbus reports where a report spans 2 or more different interval periods.

Stuart Fawcett