Crystal Enterprise Realtime Monitor

Discussion created by dsorvis on Feb 7, 2006

For anyone interested in monitoring Crystal Enterprise, there is a new tool called Realtime Monitor for Crystal Enterprise (APOS BI Tools).  It can be configured to send SNMP traps.

Here are a list of the Alerts:   

Cache Server - too many queued requests
CMS online or offline
CMS - too many concurrent licenses
Input/Output Server - disk space warning
Job Server - maximum job level reached
One or more CE 10 services online or offline
Page Server - too many queued requests
Page Server threads / connections ratio above threshold
RealTime Monitor - online or offline
Service disabled
Time to login above threshold
Time to view report above threshold
Too many connections for a user
View Error
WCS avg request time - slow performance

APOS BI Tools: http://www.apos.on.ca/RealTimeMonitor/