Online-Documentation, a fail in my opinion

Discussion created by MattGruber on Nov 14, 2012
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I tried to keep this moment as far as I could, but now it hits me, the probes going to be moved to "Online Documentation" more and more and I have to update them.


Sorry, for my point of view a big fail, because my administration-machine has to be online-contact to the internet to read a simple documentation?

Hello? I have for security reaseons no connection to the internet on my Workstations where I manage NMS and how to get Information in case of a question? Getting to the next machine who has a connection, logging into CA Nimsoft - Webpage to parse it. Where is the benefit, what was so ugly concerning that CHM-File, one file all included, and now?

Pressing F1 or click on "help", "online help" is starting up, great... Think that such documentation should kept local.

Even in the "new" Infrastructure Manager he wants to connect to the internet for his own help, by the way think also it is the wrong way to kill those Infrastructure Manager against some Webstuff, makes me depend on Web-Servers etc. but that is another story.


Thanks God I have some old CHM-Files local to work.