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does pagemode command 'class - suspend' remain in force after a re-ipl of lpar?

Question asked by mbieganski on Mar 16, 2015
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Hello ESP'ers,   

We are planning to change our disaster recovery procedures in how we bring up our ESP master and proxy started tasks and govern what appls/events take off initially.

We are going to bring up a mini-lpar that runs the master and 1 proxy in a restricted mode where very few started tasks are even up yet (and no batch jobs)

We'd like to following on this mini-lpar:

1) manually bring up the ESP master 'QUIESCE', 

2) edit a handful of events we wish to test for the drill with adding the text CLASS(DR) in the event defs.

3) in page mode issue 'CLASS - SUSPEND'    command

4) in page mode issue a CLASS DR EXEMPT command  so only those few edited events are eligible...but we don't intend to run anything just yet!

4) do a full, RE-ipl that lpar that houses the master/proxy and allow CAOPS automation bring up said ESP master & proxy normally, ie withOUT any quiesce parm, so ESP should come up in a RE-started state from the get go.


Question: will that CLASS - SUSPEND command that was issued with the previous IPL in step 3, still be totally in full effect (and thus prevent a jail break of events running)

or will the act of re-ipl'ing that lpar , not only negate the 'quiesced' state, (since we are not including the quiesce parm in caops in ipl #2),

but also blow away the class - suspend and class dr exempt  states that were in effect in the ipl #1?


I'm hoping that issuing CLASS - SUSPEND cmd will still stay effect through as many ipls as we wish to do, and never come undone without an express page mode issuing of CLASS - RESUME

no matter how many times the lpar is ipl'ed.


thanks in advance or any assistance