System Error When Logging Into CSA

Discussion created by Rob-BBT on Mar 17, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2017 by wendy.gonzalez

We have a weird issue that I have been working with support on for a while that we can't seem to resolve.


For some reason, out of the blue, we are now getting a System Error when trying to login to the CSA.


We have tried removing the .password file and creating a new CSA password which results in the same thing.


The logs sort of claim that the properties.xml file was somehow corrupted - yet the Clarity app works just fine.


Support ultimately had me create a new properties.xml using the template in the .setup folder as the base and copying the values from the old file into the new one.


We loaded the new file on the server and restarted all services, but still we are getting the System Error when trying to login to CSA.


The logs pretty much don't say anything about this event, which has me baffled.


Anyone else encounter this and figure out how to resolve?


This is on v 09 3