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Show job_type: JMXMAG results?

Question asked by webmaster_jim_ on Mar 18, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2015 by Chris Stallone

After a hint from Michael_Woods I set up a JMXMAG job type to retrieve an agent version.  I see that the result ended up in the spool directory. The manual simply says output is "stored on the computer where the agent resides".


When I view the results, it's mostly binary, but does show, in my case "717, Service Pack 4, Maintenance Level 0" among the bits.


I also found this idea on the topic (but no votes until now) - JMX Job Type DestinationFile support


How can the value be properly displayed (manual says the autosyslog command won't work)?


What do the results represent?  I'm assuming a Java data format, but that's just a guess.


$ od -c 196497.32987528_1.14267083075510

0000000  254 355  \0 005   t  \0   (   7   1   7   ,       S   e   r   v

0000020    i   c   e       P   a   c   k       4   ,       M   a   i   n

0000040    t   e   n   a   n   c   e       L   e   v   e   l       0