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How to determine hardware requirements

Question asked by milan.ziga on Mar 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2015 by William Teixeira


is there any guide how to determine correct HW requirements of PAM installation? I've found only minimum HW requirements in Installation Guide.

So far we are using PAM processes that do some actions and job is done after a few seconds. Using this usage model we can handle thousands of PAM processes  without problem during a day.  Now we need to create also PAM processes that contain approval user task. Such user task can wait for a user interaction for a few days. Because of our users number I expect thousands maybe tens of thousands of such PAM processes waiting for user interaction. These PAM processes are in "Waiting" state. Is there some big differences in resource consuming between "Running" and "Waiting" status? How to determine correct HW requirements?

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