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How to exclude an Excel spreadsheet column in a Rest Step if the cell is empty.

Question asked by marckc on Mar 24, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2015 by marckc

Hi,  I am brand new to Lisa.  I have a Excel Spreadsheet with two columns (columnA, columnB).  I have connected this spreedsheet to Lisa.  I created a Rest step and connected it to columnA and columnB ({{columnA}}, {{columnB}}.  Sometimes columnB cell will be empty with no value.  If this situation arises I do not want that parameter to be included in the URL.  The way I currently have it configured I get (&columnA=someValue&columnB=) in my URL.  Is there anyway to exclude columnB if it the cell is empty on my Excel Spreedsheet (&columnA=someValue)?  Thanks for your help in advance.