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Need to configure Group wise SLA with some details

Question asked by MAYURMALHOTRA on Apr 2, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2015 by cdtj

Dear All,


There are requirements to configure Group wise SLA in 12.7, 12.9 or 14.1 Service Desk.

1. We want is to configure SLA with timelines for each group in Service Desk. Suppose when we assign ticket to L1 group then SLA 1 will be applicable and if L2 group then SLA 2 will be applicable ans so on. but few conditions as below

a. clock must start when the group will be assigned to the ticket

b. if one ticket will be assigned to group1 and then assigned to group2 and again 1 then the clock start from where earlier it stopped for group1.

c. We need to provide the report for total time used by each group with deduction of times like hold,Pending with vendor,Pending with

  User & other group transfer like that.

d. From the backend (SQL Side), we are also unable to find the records using SQL Query i.e. time when the ticket is transferred to perticular group or etc from ACT_LOG due to there is a description field available in the act_log table which contains information like transferred from '' to 'socl2'. When we run query where desciption like '%to 'socl1'' then the query either gives error or gives no record as it end with first single quotes.

e. To generate the report %breach tickets for each report


DO you have any idea or logic to configure the same, Please share.