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Audit Log for Security Objects

Question asked by PM-CA on Apr 6, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2015 by TMACUL

Hello CA SDM Specialists,


I have a new requirement for my implementation on Service Desk Manager 12.7. I need to audit every change that we have in the object related with security like roles, access types, etc. From CA, they recommended to use a file located in the sample folder named audlog_site.mod. In this file we have some object sets like cnt, chg, cr, nr, I did a test with cnt adding access_type field and it worked but when I tried to use the same idea adding the role and access type object, I get an error saying when I tried to verify it: "spelsrvr            10256 ERROR        interp.c               559 role::audit_fields_site Unknown message."


The question that I have if all the object can be audited with this file or just the object mentioned by default in the file?  If it's not possible to use it, how can I do to log the changes in Service Desk Manager for security object?


I will appreciate your help to start from some idea.


Thanks and Regards.


Pablo Mazzitelli.