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replace suppression key of an alarm using a script and pre-processing rule

Question asked by dutchie on Apr 8, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2015 by rafnd

We are looking to add a third threshold for free disk space usage using the CDM probe. We have created an additional custom disk monitoring profile to the default two thresholds.


What we see is basically two alarms for the disk usage when all three thresholds are exceeded. I suspect the reason for the second alert, the one generated by the custom CDM disk profile, is because a the suppression key is different.


The desired behavior would be one alarm where the severity increases based on the thresholds, not two alerts.


Anybody worked with replacing a suppression key for an alert. I would like to bring the suppression key for for the custom profile  in line with the other two thresholds so that one alarm is only generated with severity increasing as thresholds are breached.


Suppression key generated by default disk space monitoring thresholds: disk/C:

Suppression key generated by custom disk profile: disk/custom/minor_disk_alert/space-C:\