New Dashboard Designer UIM8.1 - still not an alternative for the old Dashboard Designer

Discussion created by a.pietersen on Apr 9, 2015
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Every time when we upgrade to a new version (just moved from 7.6 to 8.1) we first look at the so-called new Dashboard Designer. And every time I am disappointed whit the little progress that have been made in this part of the product. In the mean time the clock is running because the old Custom Dashboard designer is intended to be removed somewhere this summer 2015, as CA wrote earlier somewhere in its pile of documentation. Also  I become a little bit worn-out to discuss all the issue that matter to us in creating Custom Dashboard here or with support allover again.


Instead I want to focus now on two questions:


A - at what version of UIM will the old Dashboard Designer (and Custom Dashboard) be no longer available? - So we can stop before.

B - when will there be a full featured new Dashboard Designer available? Or do we need to drag our self from version to version and find out every time again what it will bring?


Does someone have an answer on these questions?



Ashley Pietersen