Documents marked as Offical in the Contents search

Discussion created by jw1 on Apr 9, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2015 by Chris_Hackett

Are there any plans to use this function in the Community?  The reason I ask is that earlier I was searching for the SM 14.1 Wiki and couldn't find it directly on the Content page (I had to search for it in All Documents).  I noticed when entering the search that there is a Filter By Action option of "Marked as Official".  There are no results returned for this (see screen shot).


Perhaps this would be a good place to start posting TechDocs?  I also thought this might be a place for CA curated content for FAQs, Best Practices, etc. that are still scattered over legacy sites.  New users might find this as a good Reading Room - a place to start and get background on concepts before asking questions. 


How are other Communities using this feature?