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Action item assignees: how to select manager as an assignee in an idea process?

Question asked by olivier.carrier on Apr 16, 2015
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we have created an idea based process and would like to create an action item "Review this idea" and select the Manager (PM) as an Assignee... Clicking on the browse button and selecting Resource Fields only Originating Request and Business Owner are showing... looking into the lookup definitions I found that the difference between Business Owner lookup and the Manager one on the Idea Business Owner lookup it is associated to the Resource object and not Browse Resource from Manager lookup...  I have tried to associate the Resource object to the Browse Resource lookup and now the Manager, Target Manager and Resource appear also appear under Resource Fields...


however when executing the process I get "BPM-0543: An error occurred when sending the action item"

and in the bg-ca.log:

ERROR 2015-04-16 13:05:26,780 [Action Execution Pipeline 0 (tenant=clarity)] niku.calendar (clarity:process_admin:5284041__2929E327-0E50-4EB2-B797-144C008D53E8:none) No rows found when reading user profile for user: -1

WARN  2015-04-16 13:05:26,780 [Action Execution Pipeline 0 (tenant=clarity)] (clarity:process_admin:5284041__2929E327-0E50-4EB2-B797-144C008D53E8:none) Error sending Action Item


  at com.niku.calendar.service.ActionItemMessageService.sendNewAINotifications(


it seems like my workaround of associating the resource object to the lookup did NOT work.  No rows found reading user profile... No managers found also the field Manager is properly filled in the Clarity UI...


anybody would have an alternative to select Manager as an assignee within an action item on an idea based process ?



many thanks,