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Behavior GO Resources in SDM 12.7

Question asked by jeroen.custers on Apr 17, 2015
Latest reply on May 5, 2015 by Brian_Mathato



We've noticed some strange behavior with the GO resources in SDM 12.7


When for example, we look up a change order using the GO resources, the Window pops up the first time we enter the reference number.

If the window is still open in the background and we enter the number again the the GO resources search, nothing happens. The window stays in the background and doesn't become visible.


But for example, we've added a custom search on tickets to the GO resources. For this resource, each time we enter a ticket number in the search, a new window pops up, even when the ticket was already open in the background.


Basically, this is happening for all resources:

out of the box resources only open once and remain in the background when you search for the item again

custom resources will open a new window every time you search for the item.


We've seen this behavior in all browsers except for IE11.

In IE11, the change window returns to the foreground and doesn't stay in the back.

But still custom resources open a new window each time they're used.


Is there a way to have have the detail window pop to the foreground again if the item is already open?

For example: the change window comes back from the background to the foreground or the ticket window comes to the foreground instead of opening a second (third, fourth, ...) time.


If not possible, is there a way to have the change window open multiple times as well, so at least when somebody uses the GO resources to find information, he can really see the information?