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I run my test suite using the test runner but encountered "The test case never started"

Question asked by rpsantiago on Apr 20, 2015
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I run my suite using headless. I encountered an error. Is there a wrong set-up in the test suite?


I use this test runner command in command prompt


C:\Lisa\8.0.1\bin\TestRunner -s C:\Users\folder\lisaProjects\Project0001\Tests\Suites\AllTestsSuiteSample.ste -cs local -u username -p password -m tcp://regestryurl/SMC-Registry -a


I encountered this error during the execution.

DevTest Regression Failure Summary... C:/Users/folder/lisaProjects/Project

0001/Tests/Sample.tst : Failed Term: Event Term: event = ['Cycle starte

d'] Fail message: The test case never started. This is usually a problem staging

the test (not in the system under test).


What should I do?