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CA CCS integration with SitMinder

Question asked by waqar.soomro on Apr 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2015 by sprro04

Hi all,


CA DLP CCS r15 Integration Guide describes the CCS integration with SiteMinder including CA Directory, Classification Cache, Pre-classification Agent etc.


Please help on following scenario:

A single CA Data Protection Content Classification Service Server is to be integrated with CA SiteMinder r12.52 for content aware access on SharePoint 2013.

No CA Directory server(license not purchased) is there as CA CCS guide says it (Optional) hence no classification cache.


How To queries are:


1. Can we still use the Pre-classification agent as there is no classification cache?

2. How can I scan & classify the client's custom contents(that in CA CCS administration console by creating Scan Agents).

3. Will the SiteMinder be able to implement access restriction policies on the basis of CCS's custom scanned data content that we done thru building indexes?

4. If aforementioned queries can not be implemented, do we only have CA CCS out of box policy pack only? The out of box policies consists mainly "financial grounds" what if

we need the policies for academia. In nutshell how can we implement/ configure single CA CCS single server for integration with SiteMinder?


Thank you very much for time. devan05 CA Security Beeks


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