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Multi Team Development

Question asked by acalbazana on Apr 20, 2015
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I'd like to reach out to the community to understand how teams are using the API Management platform.  We have a number of teams that are going engage with the platform.  I'm not finding a lot of material on how to structure things to support development by multiple teams. Here is brain dump of what I'm considering:


  • Establish a multi-tenant environment where there is a portal/gateway pair for development and testing
    • Use host or port to distinguish environments for development and testing
    • Create a policy hooked to message-received
    • Create necessary policies to route (including portal + gateway interactions)
    • Designate folders that are to hold policies for each environment
  • Enable and create API Owner Groups so that each team can work in their own space, limiting the noise from other teams
  • Designate API owners per team who are able to create and manage APIs for their groups
  • Since we have a multi-tenant situation, there needs to be some sort of convention put in place to distinguish environments (really wish the portal supported better filtering!)
  • On the gateway side... Create and permission folders per environment.  I'd like to permission folders such that only certain users can create objects in designated areas (really wish the portal understood the gateway's folder structure!)
  • Create API groups and bundle development, testing APIs into a group for the consumer to bind to (maybe use port to distinguish between environments?)
  • Allow consumers to register on the portal, create application requests, and get API keys
  • I'm still looking for a reasonable way to manage documentation (portal CMS is proving to be inadequate)


I'm interested in providing a good experience to our development teams from both an API provider and consumer perspective (in our case, our API producers and consumers are internal).  I'd be very interested in hearing how other organizations are doing this.  I'd also be interested in any resources that discuss this topic.