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CA Clarity Excel UI for Resource Management

Question asked by Maddineni on Apr 20, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2015 by fpena

Hello All,  we are in the process of assessing the feasibility to use the CA Clarity Excel UI for Resource Management Utility to update Resource Allocation details under Team tab .


Business Justification / Requirement to Implement Utility - Project Managers need to invest so much time to update their Resource Allocation under Team tab as 15+ team members allocated to most of the projects.Hence Updating the allocations process for monthly/(sometimes weekly) challenging for PM's..


While I'm researching about this utility I found couple of solutions from 2- different service/solution providers like (IT ROI, MEISTERPLAN). Indeed CA also providing an Utility for this activity.As CA itself providing an utility I would preferably go with the utility which CA is providing as we are using Clarity as OD / SaaS model.


However Prior to proceed with this I would like to know the below details to decide to go with this Utility or Not to go with this Utility.Hence I would like to take the inputs from our forum member/s. Please see my questions below and request you to provide your inputs.


1. In order to implement this Utility do we need to install this Utility on each & every local computer separate? (FYI - MS Excel has been installed on every PM's Local computer)


2. if we implement this Utility, how the authentication process function for data update? Normal Clarity credentials would be suffice in order to update (or) every PM need to connect to CA VPN as we are using Clarity using OD Model?


3.What could be the Risk/s if we implement this Utility? Does this cause any data integrity issues as we are allowing at least 50 -75 PM's to update the data?


4.Do we have any specific point of contact from CA to touch base to get more details or to see the demo regarding this Utility?

Your help/ inputs are much appreciated.