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Am I using Advanced Reporting wrong?

Question asked by Plidian on Apr 22, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2015 by Plidian

I'm hoping someone can sanity check me here.

My expectation is that I log into CA PPM 14.2, click through to Advanced reporting.

Once on that page I click on the "view List" link in the little Reports Box.

I select  report from the list of reports (e.g. Missing Time)

Then I click in the Filter/parameter boxes on the left.  I expect to see some sort of browse feature or list of values from which to chose.

What I'm getting instead is empty boxes.

Am I doing this totally wrong?

Assuming I'm not doing it wrong, what would cause those values to be missing?

Assuming I AM doing it wrong, where was the instructions that I missed telling me how to do it right?

This feels like a really dumb question I'm hoping I'm just having a brain dead moment.