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How to distinguish conversations in a record

Question asked by DavidRodriguezVallejo on Apr 23, 2015

We have recorded the same navigation with two different users using a HTTP/HTTPS protocol and we are not able to create two conversations in the same record.

We have tried two unsatisfactory ways:

  1. Recording both sessions in the same record in the same navigation flow
    1. Perform the first navigation with user A
    2. Close session
    3. Perform the second navigation with user B
    4. The below image shows VSE Recorder settings

We have disable browser cache in the recording in order to have the same requests in both sessions:

We have identified the session cookie as token when we have to identify which transaction starts the conversats:

Whe select the two starting conversation transactions and check both session cookies:

When we show which transactions remains stateless, we get the following result:

So, we think both conversations are distinguished with no problem.
When we show the recording image in worksation, we see only one conversation:

So, when we try the record, we always see one conversation with the first recorded user (gobal position flow).

  1. Merging two records independently

On a second try, we make two recordings separately and merge them using the image editor; so we get two conversations:































Despite of having both conversations, when we perform our tests against the recording, we get results only from the first conversation, and we never get results from the second record. If we remove the rest conversation, we get the second conversation match.


So, we don’t know really how to achieve two available conversations.


Reading the documentation, the problem can resides in the conversation searching. Matching is performed with meta transaction:

“When VSE searches for a conversational match, it only searches Meta transactions. If none of the specific responses for a Meta transaction match, then the response that is specified for the Meta transaction is used.”




Meta transactions tolerance match cannot be “Exact” type. We don’t know if this can be a problem. At “exact” tolerance level both login transactions are identical, so we cannot distinguish session changes in recordings.