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Action Item Assignee Resource Fields: Too many assignees?

Question asked by olivier.carrier on Apr 23, 2015
Latest reply on May 4, 2015 by Roberto Barra - Ágila

Hello team,


within an Idea Approval Process I am sending an action item to the Idea Business Owner (Assignees: select Business Owner from Resource Fields tab).  When logging in as the Business Owner and clicking on the Action Item I can see a long list of 23 Assignees! All 22 other Assignees are "locked" resources... I know they are selected as Business Owners for various Projects (not Ideas) in the system. But how come are they are appearing in this Idea Action Item Assignee List? Is there a way to only show this Idea Business Owner in the list?


can somebody tell me if this is "working as designed" or is there something wrongly configured or is it simply a system issue...?