New HTML Dashboard-Designer seems to be out-of-focus at CA product management

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I have posted earlier some remarks and issues about the new Dashboard Designer in de CA UIM/Nimsoft product. The essence of all my posts is that we have always valued Nimsoft so high because of its powerful and versatile presentation-layer, more precisely the "old" Dashboard-Designer. One of the key-differentiators in our opinion. All ITSM / NMS products we used and/or evaluated over the past 10 years (HP OpenView, Silverback, Manage Engine, Castlerock, N-Able, SCOM etc etc) were always poor or limited and rigid in respect to the presentation-layer. Standard reports, standard Graphs, standard this and that. Nb.the monitor-engine and database-engine were most-of-the-time good enough. We need a product that can provide full customized dashboards that can translate and condense the bulk of raw ict-data to information that is intelligible to everyone.(who does not :-) And as a MSP we compete more and more against SCOM solutions. In my opinion not today a direct thread for UIM/Nimsoft in respect to the presentation-layer but regarding the pace and power of Microsoft that will be a question of time..


Unfortunately it seems that this key-part of the UIM/Nimsoft product is growing out-of-focus at CA product management. Witness the sloppy introduction of the half-baken "new" Dashboard Designer that is intended to replace the "old" Dashboard Designer soon. (summer 2015 as stated earlier by CA) The lack of attention, response and progress on this part of the product worries me deeply. And might encourage us and maybe others to search for another solutions. On the other hand, maybe we are the only one that have trouble with the out-of-focus on the presentation-layer of the CA UIM/Nimsoft product.


Any comments, ideas or remarks on this?


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