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Mobile Enabler - Approval of Group Tasks

Question asked by giggs on May 4, 2015
Latest reply on May 5, 2015 by Alex_Perretti

We are planning to upgrade to 14.1 (CP1) in next while and was reading the FAQ Mobile Enabler 2.0 document at and have a concern question 17…

17. In the Approvals mobile capability, are we able to see approval tasks of our own as well as tasks assigned to our groups? No. The ability for a group member to approve tasks directly assigned to a group (as opposed to task assigned directly to the user) is not available with the Approvals mobile capability today.

My concern here is that all our ITPAM approval/validation tasks are assigned to an EEM group and not directly to the user which if I understand correctly means that these tasks cannot be performed using the mobile capability. 

Wanted to confirm if this was still a valid statement with the latest releases of SDM, ITPAM and Mobile Enabler?