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Introducing delay in ITR without think time

Question asked by BIGCHAW on May 5, 2015
Latest reply on May 6, 2015 by BIGCHAW

I am attempting to do the following process and I am hitting a wall.  My test case reads rows from a excel file, then determines if the output should go to one region versus another.  After it reads through the entire excel file, I need it to wait 2 minutes and then FTP to a shared location to grab a trace file.  Everything works, but I cant seem to figure out how to introduce a 2 minute wait.  I've read people stating to use a Java class, but I am not a java developer so I'm not sure.  I've tried with Selenium step using the below, but it threw a web driver issue because I think LISA is trying to open a web browser.  Need some assistance please.  Overall I would like to use the built in functionaity of LISA to get this seemingly simple task to work if I can.  If it helps. I am using LISA version 7.5.2.  If someone does have a answer, and it does in fact require Java, thats fine, but I would need some detailed steps if you please on how to implement since as I said, I am not a Java developer


Here is the Selenium step I attempted to use, but threw a error in the ITR



     "type": "pause",

     "waitTime": "120000"



I see there is a Java Dynamic execution that says you can run your own java code, but when i choose that, its prompting me to either Make new object of class, or Load from property.  Then there is a construct/Load object button, but when I click it, it says that simple strings or integers cannot use this logic


Any help is appreciated, thanks!!!