CA PPM Tech Tip: Getting Jaspersoft Advanced Reporting to work after upgrading to 14.2+

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After the documentation is reviewed:


https://docops.ca.com/ca-ppm/14-3/add-ins-and-integrations/content-add-ins/pmo-accelerator/pmo-accelerator-release-notes/import-the-jaspersoft-advanced-reporting-content-for-the-pmo-acceleratorAdvanced Reporting with Jaspersoft - FAQ - CA PPM - 14.2 - CA Technologies Documentation



the next step is to validate if Jaspersoft Advanced Reporting works by taking the following steps:


1. Set the Data Warehouse Entity and Language.

Go to Administration > General Settings > System Options > Data Warehouse Options
Set the fields:
a. Language
b. Entity for Fiscal Time Periods

2. Make sure the object is included in the Data Warehouse.


Go to admin > object
Select an object, e.g. project
and make sure the boolean(include in DWH) is checkmarked.

3. Review the report/data needed and review the time slices required to populate the data from the PPM to the PPM data warehouse in
Go to Administration > Time Slices

4. Check if the required PMO attributes are included in the DWH:

a. for object(project)

-Business Owner

-Estimating Factor 1

-Estimating Factor 2

-Finance and Governance


-Project Category

-Project Management Office

-Schedule Variance %

-Status Reporting


b. for object(investment)

-Architectural Fit

-Business Alignment

-Business Unit Priority

-Commercial Value

-Corporate Priority

-Portfolio Category 1

-Portfolio Category 2

-Portfolio Category 3

-Portfolio Category 4

-Regulatory Compliance

-Technology Compliance

-Work Status

c. for object(idea)

-Business Owner

-Idea Category

-Idea Type

-Fast Track



d. for object(status report)

-Change Explanation

-Cost and Effort Explanation

-Cost and Effort Status

-Deliverable Scope Changed

-Key Accomplishments

-Next Milestone on Track

-Overall Status

-Project Affected by External Factors? is_project_external_factor ??? or cop_cost_effort_ext ???

-Project Objective Changed

-Report Date

-Report Status

-Review Approval Problems?

-Schedule Status

-Scope Change Required

-Scope Status

-Staffing/Availability Issues?

-Status Report Update

-Upcoming Activities

-Variance Explanation


e. for object(Benefit Plan detail)

-Benefit Class

-Benefit Subclass


4. Run the necessary jobs.


To provide users access to the Data Warehouse:

a. Create and Update Jaspersoft Users

b. Load Data Warehouse Access Rights


to populate the Data Warehouse.
c. Time Slicing
d. Load Data Warehouse (Load DWH) with the 'full' option if
-an incremental Load DWH job fails
-a new language is added in the data warehouse
-an entity for fiscal time periods is changed in the data warehouse.

-a data warehouse time slice is changed to include a larger time frame.

-an attribute is deleted or unselected from the data warehouse via Administration > Studio.

-an attribute data type is changed. If it does change, follow the steps:


For each object in question,

Disable the attribute.

Go to Administration > Studio >

Filter for field 'Data Warehouse' = Yes


Go to the Object > Attributes tab

Select the custom attributes

Click button 'Exclude from Data Warehouse'

Run the full Load DWH job.

Re-enable the attribute data type.
Go to Administration > Studio >

Filter for field 'Data Warehouse' = Yes


Go to the Object > Attributes tab

Select the custom attributes

Click button 'Include in Data Warehouse'

5. Run the full Load DWH job.


6. Test Jaspersoft reporting.

Ensure users have been assigned the one or more of the desired rights:

Advanced Reporting - Ad Hoc

Advanced Reporting - Administer

Advanced Reporting - Dashboard Create

Advanced Reporting - Data Source Create

Advanced Reporting - Domain Create

Advanced Reporting - Navigate

Advanced Reporting - Report Create


6. Go to Home > Personal > Advanced Reporting
to run a simple report such as the "Resource Skills" report
to verify if data is returned.


If you experience an issue with any of the aforementioned steps, please open a case to investigate.


Refer to the following post for job scheduling recommendations with the addition of the new jobs in 14.2