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The final question on 6.0?

Question asked by CelsoA on May 12, 2015
Latest reply on May 13, 2015 by CelsoA

We are in the midst of getting SDM 12.9 up and running.  However the current production system is USPSD 6.0.  Many customizations and very little administration since its installation.  The server is getting pinged for critical JAVA vunerablilities and unsupported database versions (yes the app itself is also unsupported).


After 12.9 goes live, the thought is to keep 6.0 running for historical purposes (as a de-facto knowledgebase) as well as to close any currently open requests/COs.  I have suggested running reports on the data instead of trying to keep the web UI running.  It was pointed out that the people who would most likely use the existing tickets for reference will not be able to run reports, but would be ble to find what they need in the Web UI.


The plan is to move the data to SQL 2008 (or SQL 2005) and remove the admin (JAVA) piece but keep the Web UI.  Any thoughts?  Has anyone tried running 6.0 on SQL 2005/2008?


Thanks in advance!