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PAM, I do not find the keywords tab

Question asked by samatar.yacin on May 13, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2015 by Andy_Thompson

When I got the following steps:

I do not find the Keywords tab in Properties the Start Request Form.

While I'm logged in as administrator on PAM.

Follow these steps:

1. Log in to CA Process Automation Management Console as an administrative user. (For Example pamadmin on a new install of CA Process Automation 3.1. For previous versions of CA Process Automation or on an upgraded instance of 3.1, this user would typically be an itpamadmin.)

a. Click on the CA Process Automation Client link on the upper right hand side.

b. Open the CA Process Automation Library Browser.

2. Right-click the directory under which you would like to create an SRF.

3. Navigate to New Object, Start Request Form.

The Start Request Form appears in the right pane of CA Process Automation library.

4. Provide a name.

5. Right-click on the SRF to open Properties.

The Library Object Properties page appears.

6. Click the General tab and modify the description of the Start Request Form. Add a description that identifies the proper usage of the Start Request Form and the associated Process Definition to the CA SDM Administrator.

7. Click the Keywords tab.

The Keywords tab is active.

8. Click the ab+ icon.

A row adds to the empty list.

9. Click the row.