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OWB Task Names Switching to Numbers

Question asked by carol-ann.lorentz on May 13, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2015 by urmas

One of PMs is using Open WorkBench to create tasks.  He may be using the cut or copy or new task.  After a period of time, he indicates that Clarity has switched the task names to numbers.  The numbers are 5091520, 5091522, 5091524, 5091527, 5091508, and 5091506.  I've tried creating new tasks, cutting and pasting, and copying and pasting without being able to reproduce the reported behavior.  I've also looked at the available fields in Clarity on the Project Task List and cannot find matching numbers.  Please advise on the following questions:  How can we get the tasks to retain their respective names?  Why are the task names switching to numbers?  What is causing this behavior? Thanks in advance for any suggestions on how to resolve this issue.