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Table Issues in User Interaction Form

Question asked by JR_Johnson on May 19, 2015
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I'm trying to build an interface for the bulk 'selection' of a bunch of incidents/problems from CA SDM, as a user interaction form.


I have a pair of issues.


Issue #1 is that the destination table is inside of a 'Field Set' element - We'll call it fieldSet.


The pre-execution code for passing a valuemap to the form doesn't seem to work when it's inside a field-set - I get an error stating that 'Form is not defined'


Example pre-execution code:


Form.fieldSet.destinationTable = Process.myValueMap




Issue #2 involves the workaround for that problem producing some unexpected results.


I am passing the valuemap array to a hidden table at the root level of the form - The valuemap array consists of valuemap items with attributes 'number' and 'asset.'


Example code:

Form.sourceTable = Process.myValueMap


This is successful.


I then use ca_pam_getTableData() to grab the values of the hidden table, and then ca_pam_setTableDataFromJSObject() to push the values to the desired destination -


var incidentList = ca_pam_getTableData('Form.sourceTable',0,(ca_pam_getTableRowCount('Form.sourceTable') -1));



The source table has two rows of text field elements, 'asset' and 'number', and the destination table has three rows, 'asset', 'number' as text field elements, and then a row of checkboxes named 'resolved.'


The destination table updates, but every row is duplicated. - I am at a loss to explain either behavior, and I can't seem to figure out how to get around it.


Does anyone know what might be happening here?


For bonus points, does anyone know how I can default these check-boxes to a 'checked' state?