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CA Clarity PPM: Issue with the ETC update on adjusted timesheets

Question asked by Mathan Bagavathiappan Employee on May 20, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2017 by urmas

Hi All


One of our customers have reported an issue with ETC updates on timesheet adjustments



Issue summary:


- create a project and a task with ETC 40


Submit 8hrs for the Monday of the week for the staff member and post the timesheet


Task ETC became – 32, Actuals – 8, EAC - 40


Then adjust the timesheet and add another 8 hrs on Tuesday and submit and post the timesheet


Task ETC is still 32, Actuals - 16 and EAC-48


So it actually doesn’t update the ETC on adjusted timesheets.



And the explanation from support :

It is by design that the ETC is not decremented when you do an adjusted timesheet.

This was reported as a defect and then identified as not a bug. Here is the reasoning:

ETC after the adjusting timesheet is posted will NOT decrease further. When you post a timesheet, a date on the assignment is advanced to the end of the posted time period.  The act of moving this date forward in time is what actually decreases remaining work. It's for this reason that posting another timesheet (adjusted) won't further increase or decrease ETC.

Therefore once the actual thru date advances the ETC for past periods is not adjusted.




Has anybody faced this issue before and found an acceptable workaround? Please do share your experiences on this as it would be helpful to build a case for the customer.